# Don’t you love Interaktionsbyrån?
— We love Interaktionsbyrån and everything it stands for! We love to get attention for our exotic name abroad. We love to hear our expat colleagues pronounce it. We love to deliver great interaction design solutions as we stated in our old name Interaktionsbyrån, the interaction design agency.
# Why changing?
— Today we deliver so much more than interaction design to our clients. We mix technology and creative thinking and push the limits of what is possible to achieve. We have just outgrown our name. We needed a name that pushes us forward. In November we are turning 10 years, and updating the name is part of the celebration.
# Have you been acquired?
— No, we are just taking over the world.
# What is the new name?
— The Techno Creatives. Our legal name is THETC The Techno Creatives AB. Think of it like Nordiska Interaktionsbyrån AB, we never use Nordiska in communication purposes, the same will be with THETC. THETC is our abbreviation.
# The new logo is amazing, tell me about it!
— The equally Amazing Serj is the creator of the Amazing Logo: - “Tech, energy, transformation, connection, these keywords have been guiding while designing the new logo. A single unit that can make a huge pattern in a creative way. Blue - interaktionsbyrån blue in a new dimension. A clear simple bold font, that stay strong in any dimension and maintains good contrast with the logotype. A logical grid that brings dimensional balance and right alignment."
# What is The Techno Creatives new domain?
— www.technocreatives.com Ooh, nice!
# How do I tweet about The Techno Creatives?
— You use @technocreatives as much as you want!
# And tag on Instagram?
— @technocreatives
# What Facebook page shall I follow?
— www.facebook.com/thetechnocreatives
# Are you hiring?
— Yes! We are seeking awesome people. Just like us.