Business Developers

The Techno Creatives help the world´s automotive industry explore and build digital services. In the near future the automotive industry will enable mobility. The technology for autonomous vehicles is already here; it can be applied with the existing road infrastructure and the vehicles does not need to be connected to a centralised complex system. Our industry is under disruption but what if; Anything, can go anywhere, anytime, to no cost. Will it be so that the automotive industry will transform and disrupt other industries? We provide an intrepreneurship lab for our automotive clients from Sweden, Germany, France, UK, US and China.

The Techno Creatives continues to expand and have now a need of a Business developers to take the company towards new clients. Today we have 15 international automotive OEM in the portfolio and expanding our business with 85% 2014 and 50% 2015. We are seeking you who are driven within sales, product development and a willingness to change our industry.

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