Systems Developers

Are you a tinkerer that loves the integration between software and hardware? Do you get a smile on your face when software components you have built on several systems come together and take sensor data and shuffle bits from one end to the other, without a hitch? Is cross compiling and kernel extensions something you discuss at the pub?

Did you answer yes to some or any of above, then you would fit right in as a developer at The Techno Creatives. You will find yourself working on a wide range of interesting and varied projects together with a team of really talented designers, developers and fellow tinkerers.

You will be contributing on several fronts by raising the level of innovation, being a driving force in discussions, implementing great solutions and making sure the bytes always arrive where they should.

Check out some previous projects, Neonode Autonomous Drive, Volvo Concept Estate and Volvo Lounge Concept.

Your background

  • Masters or Bachelor in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or similar, alternatively a comparable experience from many years of working in relevant fields.
  • At least three years of experience working in software development projects.
  • Fluent in C/C++ (but code is code, Java or Python works in a pinch)
  • Analytic and mathematical oriented thinking.
  • Electronics experinece and familiarity with a soldering iron.
  • Experince from the automotive industry is a plus.

About us

The Techno Creatives help the world's automotive industry transform into digital transportation services. Our clients span from small super car manufactures to bigger players within the international automotive industry. Even though our main focus is on the automotive scene, our skills and client portfolio include areas like startups, telecom, white goods and health care. We create some of the most innovative products for many of the really big players. You won't see our name on them, but we are in the background cheering as our ideas are coming to the market.

Our work spans from idea generation, concept development, prototyping, product development, verification, complete product lifecycle management and product strategy. We mix design, software and hardware skills to create stunning products, not just concepts. Our strength is the ability to bridge the gap between a great idea and an actual product. We pride ourselves in putting together the pieces of a technology puzzle, while simultaneously creating stunning user experiences together with a smart service and business mechanism.

At The Techno Creatives, you will join a truly international group of highly skilled professionals that all work together to create a fast, flexible company with shared goal of becoming world leaders within our field.


Interested? Apply today! We are continuously taking in applications for new members to our Göteborg studio. If you have any questions or want to know more, contact Oskar Hagberg at +46 706363424 or send in your resume together with a few words about why you would be a great fit for Interaktionsbyrån to: