Great companies don’t hire skilled people and motivate them, they hire already motivated people and inspire them.
— Simon Sinek

Our teams includes world class serie-entrepreneurs, business leaders, corporate strategists, designers and developers with the courage to put products to the market that will impact every day life. We are true pioneers within every new industry we are challenging.

Creating and managing a diverse team is everything for us. We believe in the individual excellence in parallell with the team effort and do our outmost to create an environment that support our team. Our studio is a collaborative space where we support and inspire each other to attack the next project. 

The Techno Creatives, was founded in late 2006 and has since then grown with highly dedicated, talented and motivated people from all over the globe. In Gothenburg this multicultural family together live, love and strive to create new design that actually make a difference.

Techno Creatives CLUB gathers Creatives, Techs, Entrepreneurs and Executives from the Gothenburg industry.

We love Gothenburg and our Techno Creatives so, as one of the best design studios in town and we want to do our part in enhancing the design and development scene. Therefore our events are so much more than just sharing a beer or two with some friends. We arrange a big party, showcase the latest in-car innovation and create an event where professionals from the industry, entrepreneurs, tech people, creatives, startups and friends come together for an evening. Welcome to the Club!

Working at THETC has brought me around the world for different projects and, actually I just completed a full lap. I have worked with many fantastic people, and got many new friends that I would never have met otherwise.
— Stefan Norberg, Senior Concept Developer
Before coming to THETC I was working as an Interaction Design Researcher at the Mobile Experience Lab at MIT, Cambridge, MA.
— Noel Braganza, Design Director
I wake up and feel like going to work because I know my opinion is important, I can express my creativity and my peculiarities can contribute to making a difference.
— Giuseppe Turturiello, Developer