Nils Heuman

Lead Developer

What is it that you do at The Techno Creatives?

My area of work in The Techno Creatives is quite wide, from coming up with new ideas, and architecture, to soldering hardware, writing hardware near code up to graphical UI’s. Also I’m taking care of our lab and makes sure the 3D printer does not get to lonely.

What were you doing before you came to work at The Techno Creatives?

Software Engineer doing similar things as in NIB, the fun projects that pop up are a lot more common here.

Can you describe the biggest difference in your daily life since you started working at The Techno Creatives?

More freedom and competence

What do you find to be an important factor of a work culture?

Creativity and Dedication

Mention three things you enjoy doing besides work

I like wakeboarding and kitesurfing and dedicate most of my spare time to that, going on trips in the winter and stay out in the cold water early and late during the season back home. While doing it I like to photograph and make videos.

Back home I’m doing some smart home improvements,connecting various things to the net.


Project Work