Serj Levinta

Senior Creative Designer

What is it that you do at The Techno Creatives?

As a designer at The Techno Creatives I do design interfaces and everything else that should be visual attractive and nice. Shapes, colors, typography and composition is my habitat.

What were you doing before you came to work at The Techno Creatives?

For past 10 years i did nothing else then design, working on all kind of projects, for small companies and as a freelancer.

Can you describe the biggest difference in your daily life since you started working at The Techno Creatives?

At The Techno Creatives i met lot of great, talented, amazing people all over the world, a big nice family. I am  glad i can learn from them and share my own experience.

Finally I was able to divide my work time from time dedicated to the family and other activities.

What do you find to be an important factor of a work culture?

Freedom of thinking, freedom of creation and communication, respect and mutual aid.

Mention three things you enjoy doing besides work

Am learning how to be a good dad. Besides that - playing guitar, reading, sport activities when there is time. Also always glad to meet with friends! : )


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