Tom Goijer


What is it that you do at The Techno Creatives?

I design interfaces that enable natural interactions between people and technology. I dream about the future and translate concepts into working prototypes.

What were you doing before you came to work at The Techno Creatives?

I worked as freelance designer and finished my Masters in Interaction Design with a graduation project on a future car interface. Besides my study I designed and developed various interactive products and installations with al lot of sensors and electronics.

Can you describe the biggest difference in your daily life since you started working at The Techno Creatives?

Before, I was living in the Netherlands so the biggest change is living in Sweden and the new habit of going out for warm food during lunch.

What do you find to be an important factor of a work culture?

I really enjoy working in a creative place with a mixed group of designers and developers that inspire each other to create innovative projects.

Mention three things you like doing besides work

Swimming, surfing, snowboarding and now I work in a studio with a real climbing gym I like to go climbing at the end of the day.