By being in the forefront of applying latest technologies we are able to foresee new opportunities, really, really fast…
— Emma Rozada, COO & Founder

Mobility as a service

In the near future the automotive industry will enable mobility as a service. The technology for autonomous vehicles is already here; it can be applied with the existing road infrastructure and the vehicles does not need to be connected to a centralized complex system. Our industry is under disruption but what if; Anything, can go anywhere, anytime, to no cost.

Will it be so that the automotive industry will transform and disrupt other industries? We provide an intrepreneurship lab for our automotive clients from Sweden, Germany, France, UK, US and China. Interaktionsbyrån help the world´s automotive industry explore and build digital services.

Create concept to communicate, understand and evaluate products regarding user experience, technology stack, business model and product strategy. Getting the idea or need distilled to a working strategy. We know about customer development processes, how to work with metrics, manage teams, define products and how to launch.

We work actively to understand, develop and be part of the disruptive startup scene in the world and bring this to the industry. The automotive industry is facing a big change and we can help it transform and adapt for the future.
— Joel Rozada, CEO