Red Dot Design Award!

In recognition of excellent work on Volvo Sensus Connected Touch, Interaktionsbyrån received Reddot Communication Design Award 2013, one of the largest and most acclaimed international design awards. In a process lasting several days, the international jury evaluated every single one of the approximately 6,800 entries live and on site. Only the best works are rewarded with the quality seal for design.


The Volvo Sensus Connected Touch is a benchmark product showcasing the advancements of car infotainment systems and is designed by Interaktionsbyrån for Volvo Car Group.

“The product is designed towards today’s fast developing world. Its powerful application platform, connectivity and digital music services enables users to utilize the benefits of smartphone applications without compromising on safety. The integration of Spotify is just one of the many smart features.”, says Joel Rozada, CEO at Interaktionsbyrån.

“The user interface is simplistic and designed with a less is more approach that directs attention to important information and empower the driver to keep attention to the road.”, says Emma Rozada, Design Director at Interaktionsbyrån.

The interface design has pixel perfection in its details and uses a pixel pattern with dreamlike particles in a tasteful manner to visually reference to the connected user experience.

The Innovative touch screen technology enables continuous use whilst wearing gloves on a cold day, and an intelligent voice activation feature for users to remain focused on the road. An experience worth connecting to.

“Every year, the days when design experts from all over the world come together for the Red Dot judging process are full of surprises and inspiration. Many of the numerous entries in the Red Dot Design Award: Communication Design 2013 coming from 43 countries have impressed the jury. But only the best works will win an award. Only those who manage to stand out from the crowd in a competition show high market potential and economic visibility. Winning a Red Dot is the best way to do so”, says Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, initiator and CEO of Red Dot.


Interview with the Design team

Joel Rozada, CEO & Founder of Interaktionsbyrån
Emma Rozada, Design Director & Founder of Interaktionsbyrån
Hanne Marte Holmøy, Senior Interaction Designer at Interaktionsbyrån

What do you understand by good interaction design?

Interaction design is the core basics of digital products, which we believe is user qualities experienced over time. Working prototypes enables you and everyone else to perceive those qualities, and therefore design them. There´s more behind that glossy look that makes you love it! Interaction design is about designing pleasurable usable products. It´s a thrilling task with all technology but even more challenging for the automotive industry. The next generation automobile applications will use interaction design communicating the brands core values and affecting the user.

What are the qualities a successful interaction designer must have?

You must have knowledge of how to design products that are pleasurable to use, easy to understand and effective to implement and off course be passionated over what you do. But you also need a deep understanding of business logics and politics in large organizations. The tricky part is to get your great ideas into the final product, not to get the great idea.

Which of your projects has been the biggest challenge for you so far?

The biggest challenge is to get the product ideá to the market. The challenge is not to design the user experience, it´s to transfer the results into the real product. A design concept has almost infinite possibilities to impress, often get chipped before it hits production. The challenge is to empower the technology and squeeze the most out of it in order to deliver a rich fulfilling experience.

Why did you become an interaction designer?

We are all product designers but the digital world inspires us. Just look at the power of digital products, in e.g. the arabic spring. These products change completely how we live, work and communicate. Almost everybody want’s to work with the future, and the future is digital.

With whom would you like to work together? Why?

There are plenty of passionated designers really believing in their quest, Ross Lovegrove or Scott Jenson just to mention two. As we say, great design inspire great designers.

What inspires you?

A great design is often a reflection of the team behind it. To build and work with a team that creates great products is a very inspiring thing.

What kind of project would you like to realize?

New business ventures large and small are an interesting topic for us. With the right partnership and incorporated expertise the venture will have a higher chance of success. So if your seeking a new perspective to move your techventure to the next level you can contact us to have a meeting.

Where and how do you gather information on trends?

We breathe technology and new venture ideas. But there are many great communities today like TheNextWeb to mention one. What does the future of interaction design look like? There’s for long been research and concepts within augmented reality. But concept design vs. product design is a bit like fiction vs. reality. Today we just see the ripples on the surface of this area. Google glass and Head up displays in cars are some early samples, but this area will change peoples perception of technology and connectivity more than the modern smartphone did delivered by the Apple iPhone.

Award ceremony and exhibition

The winners will be celebrated at a festive award ceremony on 18 October 2013 in the Konzerthaus in Berlin. Afterwards, the Designers’ Night takes place in the Umspannwerk Alexanderplatz – a glittering party that also marks the opening of the winner’s exhibition “Design on Stage – Winners Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2013”. The exhibition will showcase all of the awardwinning works from 19 to 20 October 2013.

About the Red Dot Design Award

The Red Dot Design Award is one of the world’s largest design competitions. The Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen started honouring excellent design in 1954. The sought-after Red Dot has become established as an internationally recognised seal of quality and is now awarded in the disciplines of product design, design concept and communication design.

About Interaktionsbyrån

Interaktionsbyrån is the number one leading interaction design agency within the automotive industry based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Since the start in 2007 the bureau has become a trusted supplier of user experience design for a large number of automotive brands in Europe, Asia and US, with clients like Volvo Cars, Volvo Trucks, Fiat, Range Rover, Land Rover, Jaguar, Koenigsegg, Opel, Lada, AvtoVAZ and SAAB. Interaktionsbyrån is a strategic design partner helping the clients innovate trough a holistic user experience approach. Whether it be the cockpit in a vehicle or a learning tool for children, the aim is to deliver products that empower people in their private and professional, in their everyday life.

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Joel Rozada, CEO Interaktionsbyrån