New Koeningsegg Regera featuring infotainment by Interaktionsbyrån

Geneva, Switzerland - February 3, 2015 - Debuting at the Geneva Motor Show this plug-in hybrid combines the output of three electric motors boasting an astounding power of 1,500bhp. With the new release of Regera, Koenigsegg selected Interaktionsbyrån to design the new infotainment system. The partnership between the two companies make perfect sense as they share many core values all while being playful and fun. This business relationship allows Interaktionsbyrån to deepen it's knowledge of the suprecar market.

Interaktionsbyrån, a global leader in interaction design within the automotive industry, designed and developed the infotainment system built on Neonode´s zForce technology which works with any type of touch object such as a finger, a stylus, a glove or a ordinary pen. The infotainment works in tandem with Apple Carplay wich seamlessly connects a user's iPhone for ease of use.

Koenigsegg advertises that the Regera is "the first fully robotized car”. In other words, everything that can open, close, or otherwise move around is electronically controlled.  With those words in mind, the lines are not only capturing movement and the key-lines of the Regera’s design. But also, the fusion between the twin-turbo V8 and all it’s electrical engines resulting in the most powerful hybrid car ever. The lines represent the interaction between the engines and the symbiotic relationship. The infotainment system and the Regera build from the same principals - high-level design and technology. This results in a progressive atmosphere that also accommodates all the user needs in a great and intuitive experience.