interaktionight #5

During interaktionight #2015:5 we showcased our work for Autoliv and Neonode. The new driver interaction for autonomous driven cars. The self driving car from Autoliv was lifted up with a crane to our roof top, for full demonstration. For you who missed it, check it out the video here:

Mojitos, self driving cars and selfie-printer

The rooftop mojito garden was in full bloom and our fantastic bartenders was delivering great drinks. Guests taking photos infront of the selfie wall and tagging it with #interaktionight got the picture IRL on our selfie-printer. And if they showed it up in the bar, they got a special drink! Another news was also our 60 meeter long light installation in the sealing, who was developed by our developers and designers to shift light patterns depending on the mood of the night.

Thank you everyone for coming and being part of making it a great evening!
— Cheers, Interaktionsbyrån