interaktionight #6

Thank you all for making the evening!
— Your friends at Interaktionsbyrån

Winning 3 red dot design awards needs a celebration

During interaktionight #6 we celebrated our clients and partners for the great collaboration in delivering 3 red dot design awards! Thank you Autoliv, Neonode, Volvo Car Group, Berge, Mediatech, Edithouse, Schulz Arkitekter. 

Red balloons, a ball pool of red balls, red round sunglasses, and the interaktiongame to get a mojito

The rooftop mojito garden was as last time in full bloom and our fantastic bartenders was delivering great drinks, but this time it was not that easy to get one, the wheel of fortune had the answer. To get the red dot sunglasses was even trickier. The improved selfie wall was now equipped with a camera phone, so our guest instant got the picture IRL on our selfie-printer. Our 60 meeter long light installation in the sealing, who was developed by our developers and designers to shift light patterns depending on the mood of the night was set to bounce red dots in the sealing. Later on you could play with by drawing your own patterns via an iPad. The pinder-app for voting for the best pie! 

... and a yellow Swedish tuk-tuk

.. was lifted up with a crane to our roof top, for full demonstration. For you who missed it, check out the