Spotlight: The Conference

Thank you Media Evolution & Malmö for an inspiring couple of days at The Conference! We will for sure be back next year!

In Mid-August we attended The Conference in Malmö for the first time. It was an awesome experience in so many ways, and after 2 days listening to great people sharing their unique perspectives and insights concerning Human Behavior, New Technology and How to Make it Happen, we left Malmö filled with thoughts, new insights and even some altered opinions.

As a team that constantly work to play and create better together and as creators that want to provide the world with products and experiences that make a difference, we found the following talks the most inspiring;



In his talk about Speed and Timing, Bud Caddell from NOBL Collective talks about how organizations need to reconfigure themselves for an unpredictable future. Most insightful to us was the bodies example describing how birds move together in bigger groups, surprisingly enough avoiding crashing into each other and finally ending up at the same place. They have a common goal and are working to get there - together, but also individually. Translating this into team work; A group of designers, developers, strategists working to solve a complex problem. They share the same understanding of the challenge and roughly in which direction the solution lies. However even when working in a team, each individual need to have the freedom to approach a challenge in ways that make sense to themselves - which possibly will differ quite a lot from each other - in order to best contribute to finding a solution

View the whole talk here Speed and Timing, Bud Caddell



Isak Pinnock from Made by Many talks about the importance of being responsive both when creating products and when forming an organization. To us this talk most of all was reassuring in the way that it confirms that what we are trying to do both with regards to creating responsive products by constantly experimenting, prototyping and iterating, and with regards to building a responsive organization, capable of adapting.



In his talk about the importance of tangible media TOPP´s co-founder and CEO, James Haliburton highlights the effect of sketching directly with data. How mixing random data with random outcome can make one think out of the box and experiment more. He encourage designers to get their hands dirty, play more with technology and to - instead of standing on the sideline - become a driver of innovation. This goes hand in hand with the whole responsive product development thinking (experimenting, prototyping, iterating). It both leads to more efficient concept phases, leaves you in charge of your idea and with findings that will be rewarding to your end product.



Nick Gray from Museum Hack talks about how one can find new stories to tell in any material we might have at hand. How he transformed traditionally guided museum tours at the New York City Metropolitan Museum of Art into tailor-made adventures where one rather entertain than educate and run improvised tours, is truly an inspiration. This is not only about giving a facelift to an institutionalized and old fashioned experience, but also - again - about actually creating truly responsive products and how to be a game changer. 

View the whole talk here Finding and Using Stories, Nick Gray



One of the best talks at The Conference was the one held by Kate Stone from Novalia. In a quite untraditional but highly engaging way, she talks about how she believes in a future that looks more like the past. A world like the one of Mary Poppins, where it is all about making familiar everyday objects interactive. Adding that little touch of digital soul and creating unique experiencesIt is a refreshing approach - different from most others that at least we meet in our everyday work within the automotive business -  and it makes one rethink where we´re headed.

View the whole talk here Getting a Dialogue Going, Kate Stone



Kate Darling, MIT Media Lab
Robots, Humans and Artificial Intelligence

Mike Hearn, Bitcoin
Robots, Humans and Artificial Intelligence

Elliot Hedman, mPath
Responsiveness, Being a Chameleon

Joanna Lord, Porch
Speed and Timing

Derek Sivers, Wood Egg
How to Like People

Mads Wilson, Copenhagen Suborbitals
Up in The Air, Drones and Above

Heather Barnett, Artist and Researcher
Biology, Learning from Nature

All talks are available here  The Conference