We are overjoyed and full of gratitude! Thank you, Red Dot, for acknowledging and awarding the Techno Creatives projects Elektron Overbridge and Yacht Defined!

We are delighted to announce that The Techno Creatives has been rewarded with 2 awards in this years Red Dot Communication Design competition!

We would like to express gratitude to our partners and friends from Elektron Music Machines and HOC Yachts.


Best of the Best in the Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2016
Category: Interface Design
Sub-category: User Interface
Client: Elektron Music Machines MAV AB

To fully integrate analog synthesizers and drum machines with computers has long been a dream for many electronic musicians. Introducing Overbridge, a breakthrough technology allowing real analog instruments to be handled as software instruments, Elektron made this reality.

Overbridge unites hardware and software. It enables real analog instruments inside your DAW, and you can combine the strengths of Elektron hardware and your music studio software. The immersive and thoroughly designed Overbridge environment encourages only what matters the most. Creativity. Usability. Convenience. Immediacy. A brilliant and more personal sound.

Instead of conceiving a digital simulacrum of a physical control board, resulting in minor or no advantages, Elektron and The Techno Creatives utilized combined digital know-how and created a totally new visual experience, free from traditional rotary wheels and sliders. The intuitive Overbridge interaction patterns are designed with musicians in mind, enabling them to accomplish envisioned results in a straightforward manner. Frequencies are for example visually represented as real-time updated graphs, which a user can edit. Information is not obscured in dropdowns or buried in menus.

The day and night modes, utilizing carefully designed color schemes, makes Overbridge a perfect fit for the working life of a musician. The highly functional and beautiful user interface of Overbridge really stands out. Finally musicians can combine the power of analog hardware instruments with the benefits of software control.

Thank you, friends at Elektron, for awesome co-creation!


Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2016
Category: Interface Design
Sub-category: User Interface
Client: HOC Yachts

Yacht Defined is a result of challenging and questioning traditional boat systems of today. It can be utilized outside the boat which enables new ways of being in control. Drive the boat from the pier or monitor the activity from home. Users can maneuver the boat with their fingertips using known and precise interactions, like swipe, pan and pinch.

Intelligent driving aid is designed to transform the user into a professional captain. Auto Pilot position the boat on the right course. Auto Stability makes the journey comfortable. Sweet Spot visually guides in how to achieve a fuel efficient and smooth ride. The Man Overboard feature automatically adds a pin to the sea chart. The captain can with a single action position the boat  still, call SOS and activate SOS light signals. Thermal cameras enhance search or navigation in bad conditions.

Yacht Defined provide the user with relevant information at the right time. Dynamic content change depending on situation, time of day and surroundings. The 29" super widescreen navigation interface change appearance and content, enhancing the experience when e.g. cruising, speeding, approaching shallow water or relaxing in the harbor.

Thank you, friends at HOC Yachts, for great collaboration!



Renne Angelvou, Finland
Prof. Michel de Boer, The Netherlands
Prof. Dr. Linda Breitlaunch, Germany
Davor Buketa, Croatia
Daniel Budiman, Germany
Michel Chanaud, France
Eric Chang, Taiwan
Kelley Cheng, Singapore
Mårten Claesson, Sweden
Jiaying Han, China
Rainer Hirt, Germany
Prof. Shu-Chang Kung, Taiwan
Chris Lee, Singapore
Johnason Lo, Taiwan
Uwe Melichar, Germany
Jack Renwick, Scotland
Prof.Dr. Christof Rezk-Salama, Germany
Jörg Sachtleben, Germany
Jean Jacques Schaffner, Switzerland
Bettina Schulz, Germany
Niels Schrader, The Netherlands
Sylvia Vitale Rotta, France
Peter Philippe Weiss, Switzerland
Jan Wilker, USA
Holger Windfuhr, Germany
Prof. Dr. Seung Hun Yoo, South Korea