We won 3 Red Dot Design Awards!

Great team work between awesome minds in the projects Neonode zForce Drive, Play Intellisafe and Vision 2020 led to this achievement.

We are beyond excited to announce that we won no less than 3 Red Dot Design Awards in the category Communication Design!

We would like to express gratitude to our partners involved from Neonode Technologies, Autoliv, Volvo Car Group and SCP GREY .

Neonode zForce® Drive™

Red Dot Design Award 2015: Communication Design
Category: Interface Design
Sub-category: Software Interfaces & Usability
Client: Neonode Technologies & Autoliv

The Neonode zForce® Drive™ steering wheel is designed with a driver centred perspective. The presentation of contextual and prioritized information helps in creating a better and safer driver experience.
As the driver engages with the steering wheel, embedded LED lights act as virtual buttons. This allows the driver to keep his hands on the steering and his eyes on the road, reducing driver distractions and other potential risks. 
Gentle animated graphics in the cluster indicate all available interactions and since the possible interactions with the steering are largely contextual, it means that the driver only sees the actions he can perform depending on what driving mode he is in. This reduces clutter and improves function.
The simple interaction is reassuring, dependable and reduces the risk of misinterpretations, creating a sense of trust between the driver and the car. Better and more confident decision making results in a safer handling of the vehicle.

Thank you Neonode and Autoliv for a great collaboration!


Play IntelliSafe

Red Dot Design Award 2015: Communication Design
Category: Interface Design
Sub-category: Virtual Interfaces
Client: Volvo Car Group

At the Paris Auto Show 2014 visitors to the Volvo stand had the opportunity to, in a playful, innovative and interactive way learn more about the company´s groundbreaking safety technology IntelliSafe.
Play IntelliSafe is an interactive game specially created for Volvo to better communicate their safety technology to people independent of age, gender or understanding of technology.

Play IntelliSafe is integrated into a beautiful glass table. The tabletop serves as the main screen and game board. Six surrounding tablets are dedicated to the players. From these, the players launch Volvo cars onto the game board where they interact with other cars in various ways depending on if they are kitted with IntelliSafe or not. The players get to experience how IntelliSafe helps in preventing accidents and how the driver is protected in such an event.

From the tablet, one can also access a set of IntelliSafe videos to get more in-depth understanding of how the safety features work.

The Play IntelliSafe game was nicely synced with the unique weather machine on the Volvo stand. So, when it was snowed on the new XC90 displayed as the centerpiece, snowflakes floated around inside the game too.

Thank you Volvo CarsSCP GREY for creative collaboration & project coordination!


Vision 2020

Red Dot Design Award 2015: Communication Design
Category: Interface Design
Sub-category: Virtual Interfaces
Client: Volvo Car Group

Heartfelt messages woven into human stories using technology and innovation was the theme at this year's Geneva 2015 Volvo stand. Interaktionsbyrån executed a friendly and informative augmented reality experience that informed Volvo guests about their bold vision for the year 2020.  

Guests at the auto-show were directed towards a circular table that displayed an image of the earth on which a few iPads were placed. On picking up the devices they immediately were able to engage with a stunning Augment Reality experience. The experience was made complete with sound effects and narrated stories that as the guests witnessed as they unfolded in front of them at the table. 

They experienced three heartfelt stories about how if not for Volvo, their future could have been very different. One such story is about how a woman steered clear of danger because her Volvo took control of the dangerous situation by manoeuvring her away from imminent impact using advanced sensor capabilities within her Volvo. She was not just lucky, she made the right choice, because only Volvo can commit to a bold statement of safety that by the year 2020 no one would be killed or seriously injured in any new Volvo.

Thank you Volvo Cars and SCP GREY for creative collaboration & project coordination!
Thank you Berge Consulting for 3D visualizations!


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