Saab iQon Infotainment

With the Saab iQon there are no limits as users will be able to download apps to a vehicle in the same way as a smartphone, of which a wide range of applications will be offered through the Saab iQon store.

Todays customers want to experience a computer platform that is intuitive and updatable. With a modern car should come the necessary modern devices that allow the user to continue their experience they have via mobile devices. Today the mobile smart phones allow users to be on the run and stay informed of the latest news relevant to their lives, the same accessibiltiy via iQon ensures the customer is safely insynced.

Saab IQon Infotainment System is a ground-breaking car communications platform, using Google's Android operating system. Based on pioneering 'open innovation' with third-party service providers and application developers, it comprises an embedded computer platform which seamlessly connects to the Internet when the car's ignition is switched on.

The iQon system was first shown at the Genva Motor Show 2011. The system uses Android technology on an 8 inch touch screen in the PhoeniX concept car. 


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