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Prime Polisen

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Sweden has in recent years had a well-known shortage of police, and last spring Sweden's Television reported that the police density is the lowest in ten years and that eight out of ten police think they rarely or never have the right staffing in relation to the demands made. In order to get more people to apply and to rectify the shortage, the Police has started investing in recruitment campaigns, and is now launching a new campaign related to the application period 5-30 November.


The Techno Creatives partnered with Prime Group and the Swedish Police to create an Augmented Reality experience to call on those who naturally seek to serve their community when they saw something not quite right around them.


The Augmented Reality screen acted as a see through window, and at first glance it seemed completely normal. But as soon as people walked past it, to their surprise, there appeared to be a crime bring committed right behind them. Fortunately for them the crime was only being committed on a screen. Peoples reaction to what they saw was captured on video and highlighted with a call to action to join the police force.


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