Volvo Driver Experience

Enjoy a heightened driver experience with the high-tech Volvo Sensus infotainment system.

The graphical display takes a form of a cluster that allows for a harmonious bond between the car and driver. The driver can choose between three graphical themes: The Elegance theme, The Eco theme and The Performance theme of which are presented on a seven inch colour screen making it easy for the drive to stay focused on the road. This system is uncomplicated and offers a unique driver experience.

One of many special features allows the driver of the all new V40 access to sync their smart phone with the application, the app is an extension of the Volvo On Call. The intuitive design offers the driver to have an easy accessible relationship with the car at a distance.

The new Adaptive Digital Display. High resolution and balanced brightness, to perform even in intense sunlight. Choose from three different themes for your instrument panel: Elegance, Eco or Performance. Take a first glance at how a Volvo can adapt to your preferences.


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