Mobility as a service

In the near future the automotive industry will enable mobility as a service. The technology for autonomous vehicles is already here; it can be applied with the existing road infrastructure and the vehicles does not need to be connected to a centralized complex system. Our industry is under disruption but what if; Anything, can go anywhere, anytime, to no cost.

Will it be so that the automotive industry will transform and disrupt other industries? We provide an intrepreneurship lab for our automotive clients from Sweden, Germany, France, UK, US and China. Interaktionsbyrån help the world´s automotive industry explore and build digital services.

Create concept to communicate, understand and evaluate products regarding user experience, technology stack, business model and product strategy. Getting the idea or need distilled to a working strategy. We know about customer development processes, how to work with metrics, manage teams, define products and how to launch.

Stockholm has emerged as one of the worlds most vivid startup scenes, second only to Silicon Valley as the birthplace of the world most successful startups.

Working in close collaboration with both smaller emerging startups and more established companies, NIB serves as a design and strategy partner that helps evolve innovative ideas into disruptive products.

The disruptive mindset of the startup scene is a key element that we bring back to all projects and something we find crucial to be successful in the new economy  – regardless if you’re a small tech-start up or giant automotive manufacturer.

As of 2015, we enters a close collaboration with our friends at Anduracnce Ventures. We will be part of Andurance’s Center of excellence, and providing design expertise to the growing portfolio of companies in Stockholm and around the world.