We are coming closer to one of the most epic moment in our company history

We have, during a long period of time, ramped up everything; the strategic levels of the projects we deliver and add to our sales pipe, the impact we have on our ever bigger clients and our ability to constantly deliver excellent results above expectations.

We now get the opportunity to work on projects that we never could have dreamt of when we started our journey. Today we compete with Frog design and IDEO. We are a world class strategy agency defining the future of tomorrow’s products. A big thank you to everyone that have contributed on this journey.

The Techno Creatives will now take over as our new name. It will challenge us on daily basis to fulfill our mission.

Hello Tomorrow! This is a phrase that has been with us from the start, and we constantly deliver on this. Today we are not only delivering great interaction design solutions as we stated with our old name Interaktionsbyrån, the interaction design agency. We wanted a name that better reflected our capabilities and passion for defining and building digital products and services in harmony with technology. We are all Techno Creatives with the drive to explore problems and find solutions that surprises us. We are The Techno Creatives. This is the reason we are changing the name of our company.

We love Interaktionsbyrån and everything it stands for, but at this point we have become so much more. By calling ourselves The Techno Creatives we set out to challenge ourselves on daily basis to fulfil our mission. To be able to work with the most mind-blowing businesses and industries and remind ourselves of our ability to shape our own future.