Creativity is the ability to come up with great ideas.

Innovation is the implementation of such ideas.



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Impactful Experiences

We use creativity & design thinking to create amazing proof of concepts and demos.

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Tangible Output

We create digital products & services from ideation to launch. And beyond.

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Collaborative Innovation

We support corporations with non-political, rapid development in order to innovate at scale.

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Automotive Projects

Looking for someone to get the job done on telematics, concepts, driver experience? It’s us.

We are thrilled to have two projects nominated by UX Design Awards this year: the autonomous wheelchair with #goldenridgerobotics and the journey replay exhibition concept with #veoneer 🏅🎉👏

Golden Ridge Case Study

Learn about how on how we bring innovation to millions of people through our Chinese venture.

ideas are useless unless used

Too many good ideas die in endless meetings, get voted down by some innovation board, or only ever exist in PPT. But all ideas deserves validation. Therefore we use a staged approach of Discovery, Experiment, PoC, MVP, and finally Scale phase.