Thesis Workers

We are constantly looking for thesis workers interested in design and development. Find a friend to work with and come up with your own idea or get inspired from the list of ideas we have.

In all our thesis work you are expected to create a working prototype of the idea.

Below are some topics of interest, but we expect you to come with your own thesis plan and idea.


Smart Home

We don't believe in the way a smart home is pictured today. We don't think the added value of a smart home is connected appliances within your home. We believe that it will be external services connected to your home.

How would future e-commerce with deliveries work when your home is connected? How about a button which says "Clean here"? Or a laundry basket which talks to a laundry firm? 

What services would you connect? 


Eye tracking in automotive

What would you do if you had the possibility to know what the driver of a vehicle is looking at?

We are working with such technology and would like to get inspired by your ideas of what to do in the area.


Conversational UI

Next generation of UIs are maybe not only square windows with buttons. They might be controlled by a conversation between the UI and the user. How would such conversations be structured?

An example of how a prototype could be implemented is to create a Slack bot which you could have a conversation with to order Uber taxis, schedule meetings or talk about today's weather.


Natural Speech Application

Natural speech is one of the input & output methods which might save the next person's life while driving. Closely connected to conversational UI but more focused on the application. Can we make a fully functional infotainment platform in a car which you can safely control with natural speech?


Digital Receptionist 2.0

Oliver and Daniel did a thesis work for us where they build a digital receptionist. It is a combination of sensors, monitors and a camera which tries to identify and greet the visitor to our studio. The hardware is available for you to do whatever you can think of. What would happen if the receptionist could find out who you are, read your Facebook profile and see that you just came out of a relationship?


Steering Wheel Touch Gestures

We have a steering wheel with touch sensors. What should we do with it? Do we make buttons or gestures? What would the gestures look like to make them easy to use on the road? How do you do output? Could you have a conversation with your steering wheel using only tactile input and output?


Intuitive Data Visualization

We love graphs and visualizing complicated data. How do we make the best looking and most easy to understand graph?


<Your Idea here>

Feel free to propose your own idea.