Great companies don’t hire skilled people and motivate them, they hire already motivated people and inspire them.
— Simon Sinek

We believe in the individual excellence in parallell with the team effort and do our outmost to create an environment that support our team. 

The Techno Creatives, was founded in late 2006 and has since then grown with highly dedicated, talented and motivated people from all over the globe. In Gothenburg this multicultural family together live, love and strive to create new design that actually make a difference.

Follow our designers Jonas and Filip on their trip to Suzhou with the mission to finalise the building of our autonomous wheelchair at Golden Ridge Robotic. From food experience to hands on work, and meeting up with other techno creatives on another mission in Shanghai. This is the life at The Techno Creatives.

Twice a year we host a big house party where we present a new edition of “We are The Techno Creatives House” Enjoy!

Creating and managing a diverse team is everything for us. Our studio is a collaborative space where we support and inspire each other to attack the next project. 
— Noel Braganza, Design Director
The Techno Creatives House gathers Creatives, Techs, Entrepreneurs and, Executives from the Gothenburg industry twice a year for a big Club. Stay tuned. Next Club is coming up on May 17th.

Our Club is so much more than just sharing a beer or two with some colleagues and friends. We put together a big party, showcase the our latest innovations and create an event where professionals from the industry, entrepreneurs, developers, designers, and startups come together for an interactive evening.

The Techno Creatives House hosts events, meet-ups and other activities monthly. Never miss out an event by following us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
— @technocreatives

We love Gothenburg and our Techno Creatives so, as one of the best design studios in town and we want to do our part in enhancing the design and development scene. Therefore our events are so much more than just sharing a beer or two with some friends. We arrange events spamming from small cosy meet-ups to massive TEDx events where professionals from the industry, entrepreneurs, tech people, creatives, startups and friends come together for an evening. Welcome to the house!