The Techno Creatives, was founded in Gothenburg 2006 and has since then grown with highly dedicated, talented and motivated people from all over the globe. This multicultural group live, love, and strive together to create things that actually make a difference.

Follow our designers Jonas and Filip on their trip to Suzhou with the mission to finalise the building of our autonomous wheelchair at Golden Ridge Robotic. This is the life at The Techno Creatives.



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The Club

Our Club is so much more than just sharing a beer or two with some colleagues and friends. We put together a big party, showcase our latest innovations and create an event where professionals, entrepreneurs, developers, designers, and startups come together for an interactive evening.

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We want to do our part in enhancing the Gothenburg design and development scene. We arrange small cosy meet-ups as well as massive TEDx events. Looking for a space for your own happening? Give us a shout!


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Hosted Events

We ain’t pushing boundaries, we’re blowing them up.
We ain’t trying to expand the scene, we want the scene to erupt.
— Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip