Joel Rozada

CEO & Founder


What do you understand by good interaction design?

Interaction design is the core basics of digital products, which we believe is user qualities experienced over time. Working prototypes enables you and everyone else to perceive those qualities, and therefore design them. There´s more behind that glossy look that makes you love it! Interaction design is
about designing pleasurable usable products. It´s a thrilling task with all technology but even more challenging for the automotive industry. The next generation automobile applications will use interaction design communicating the brands core values and affecting the user.

Which of your projects has been the biggest challenge for you so far?

The biggest challenge is to get the product ideá to the market. The challenge is not to design the user experience, it´s to transfer the results into the real product. A design concept has almost infinite possibilities to impress, often get chipped before it hits production. The challenge is to empower the technology and squeeze the most out of it in order to deliver a rich fulfilling experience.


Project Work