Simon Jimmefors

Senior Digital Product Designer

What is it that you do at The Techno Creatives?

Many things, it could be anything between wireframes to motion graphics and animations. Usually it's depending on what projects I have and what it is required to do for making the best result. 

What were you doing before you came to work at The Techno Creatives?

I was a graphic design teacher and a co-founder/Creative Director at a digital production company. 

Can you describe the biggest difference in your daily life since you started working at The Techno Creatives?

That everyone has the same goal to make innovative and awesome products. No one is afraid of doing the little extra work to make it happen. 

What do you find to be an important factor of a work culture?

It's important to have a creative environment where it's good to test new ideas and also that everyone feels that they can participate in the process. 

Mention three things you enjoy doing besides work

Pinball, floorball and game development.


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