Insights from TNW Conference

Present at The Next Web and being part of the tech festival, several new insights and ideas came to my mind. The tech industry and startup scene is today highly connected to and motivated by changing the world. Basically all people you talk to have the same belief and will to create something that really matters to people and the world. Between the inspiring speech from Hyperloop one and Cleaning up the ocean, I grabbed a tortilla from one of the food trucks in the yard between the venues, and ended up in a discussion with a man convinced in creating the next generation connected vehicles. Even though the solution sometimes are lacking technology and components to really work, the team behind it invests all their sweat and will to succeed. The motivation and belief becomes very present comparing to many of the OEM project team I’ve been working with. What’s really present at The Next Web and the people here is maybe more the will and thought of changing the world, then the tech itself. In todays fast moving world, I wonder whats most important. Is it the corporate assets, technology and knowledge or is it the spirit of people working at your company.

I would recommend anyone to visit The Next Web, Slush or similar event just to listen and talk to people to understand the motivation driving them. This is what tech gigants like Über, Google, Tesla, Apple and alike are after. Motivation is key to all organisations trying to make an impact. So to us.

Joel Rozada - CEO

The Techno Creatives



For more information there is live coverage of the TNW Europe conference available on

The Next Web is widely known for, which delivers technology news, attracting 7 million readers per month. The Next Web conference itself brings together technology leaders, venture capitalists and international startups. Successful startups that have launched at TNW include Waze, Rapportive, and Shutl. In this year’s edition, 150 speakers, 3.000 companies and 20.000 attendees from all over the world joined the conference. There were several active stages at the conference: Digital Innovation, Entrepreneur, Growth Acceleration, Disruptive Machines, Collaborative Economy, Future Generations, Fast Money, Design and Development.