Enhancing car user experience with virality

The mobile application market has turned into a very competitive area and it is flooded by vast amount of applications that try to capture and retain users while offering a service.

This master thesis has been initiated by Nordiska Interaktionsbyrån and investigates the virality patterns from the marketing field and re-classifies them as interaction design patterns. The objective is to include a virality pattern library in a design process in order to design for capture, engage and spread from the beginning of the design process.

The results of the thesis are split in two main sections, theory and the consequence of the theory applied into a conceptual design. The theoretical section ended in the composition of a library of design patterns based on different virality and inter- usability principles applied with an interaction design perspective, an interaction tool that focuses on offer a possible design answer to different issues related to the design process of a mobile application.

The consequences of these results lead into the design of a conceptual mobile application applied in the context of a car in order to expand the area of use by offering simple services and thus expand the presence of the brand among the users of those services.

The results achieved by applying these methods made possible to reflect on the potential benefits of using virality design patterns during the design process. The chance to focus in three main areas of the design process, the behaviour, the structure and finally, the aesthetics in order to design an application that offers more opportunities to engage the user and facilitate the behaviour of sharing and spread content.

Keywords: design patterns, interaction design, virality, inter-usability, social media.