We like being a part of things. A lot of things. And this May, we are about to let some TC sun shine in Gothenburg by being a part of #gbgtechweek (1st May - 7th May). So come and say hi at any of the events we are hosting or sponsoring next week!

To kick off we start with:

Tuesday, 2nd May

Tuesday, Women in Tech: Workshop on rapid prototyping for IoT happening at the Techno Creatives Studio.

Friday, 5th May

Chinapreneurs, panel on startup opportunities across East Asia happening at the Techno Creatives Studio.

Saturday, 6th May

GBG Startup Hack. Come and ride our VR roller coaster that we built together with Liseberg.

After #gbgtechweek, on the 12th of May, The Techno Creatives will be celebrating its 10 Year Anniversary Celebration. So don't forget to RSVP for that at

After all the month of May is all about sunshine and parties. So come join us!