Design for Peripheral Vision

Learn more about how to exploit peripheral vision displays! visualization of information through peripheral vision i.e. how to exploit peripheral vision displays. The purpose of this study is to investigate how peripheral vision can be used for releasing resources from central vision. An overview of paradigms and opportunities in human vision is made for a better understanding regarding benefits and objections for using peripheral vision are presented. The hypothesis is that these design principles differ from information visualization through central vision. In conclusion information presented in the periphery is more sensitive for bad design choices than information presented in central vision.

Virality from a persuasive perspective

We all as part of a society have at some point been affected or witnessed virality through products, services or simple rumours. It is a phenomenon that is almost consider unstoppable. While it is easy to understand that it is our collective being who desires to share, it is not obvious what provokes it. This paper aims to inquire into what really powers viral spread at its core. Existing literature about this young concept yet old effect is limited. Consequently, available research and real life examples where consider as evidence to test assumptions.

Designing for touchpads in cars

Use of touch technology is increasingly used in handheld devices such as tele- phones and portable media players. Touch technology will also likely be a part of integrated in-vehicle solutions where more degrees of freedom are needed than traditional interfaces provide. In summary the results show that a rich multi-touch controlled interface can be developed that users accept and like, regardless of previous personal pref- erence of touchpad usage. In addition the results indicate that a production ready touchpad controlled IVIS-system should be built with a bi-modal feed- back system, either visual-audio or visual-haptic to facilitate necessary driver control with regard to road safety.