Veoneer - LIV 2.0

LIV was showcased at CES 2018 and is a research vehicle that is able to learn about how you drive, your preferences, habits, and where your attention is focused from moment to moment. This unique user experience has been designed so that the driver and passenger can enjoy a comfortable and less stressful ride. All of this is enabled by a bouquet of sensors, actuators and algorithms that helps us tailor and adapt the driving and riding experience for each individual driver of the car.

LIV is also able to understand and follow a driver’s emotions, what they are looking at and who LIV should communicate with in the car. Because communication needs to be contextual and relevant to the situation. LIV has been designed to over time learn about the driver’s driving habits and patterns and can provide timely suggestions and information that is contextually relevant to the driver.


LIV is one of the steps technology will take towards a future of increased automation that will radically improve the safety of occupants and other road users.

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