Consilium Smart Mimic Concept

Smart Mimic is a connected system that improves fire safety information and subsequent actions to be taken on the ship at the time of a fire emergency. The system collects sensor data from the existing fire alarm system and makes it accessible, easier to monitor and gives critical insights to the Captain.


In case of a fire alarm, the system knows and visualises the area that is affected and blocked by the fire, thus helping the crew to manage an evacuation quickly and efficiently.


The crew can rewind to the start of the fire alarm and see how it has been developing, which is critical to identifying the source, speed and direction of the growth of the fire and smoke.

The system helps the Captain and his crew to stay confident by providing valuable insights especially when a sequence of alarms is being set off, depending on where the fire has reached.


The system collects the status of smoke and fire sensors on the ship. This helps the crew to maintain the safety equipment and keep it running at a 100%. Engineers can easily locate faulty sensors and fix them to ensure their uptime.