Golden Ridge Robotics - Autonomous Wheelchair

One of the great challenges to the healthcare and welfare around the globe is the rising number of elderly and disabled, together with an increasing shortage of nurses. In China this is already a huge problem with over 100 million people in need of wheelchairs and only 3.2 million nurses working in the country.

This problem confines many elderly and disabled to their homes or care centers, which in return leads to a decreased sense of freedom, ability to exercise and vital life experiences.

Golden Ridge and Techno Creatives are together determined to fight this issue and works in an international collaboration to design a wheelchair with autonomous capabilities and smart functions. A combination of sensors and cameras enables the wheelchair to perceive its surroundings and move autonomously. This enables users or nurses to, for example, summon the wheelchair remotely, and assists the user to avoid obstacles also when driving manually, resulting in a safer riding experience.

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The wheelchair’s self-driving features makes it well-equipped to work as shared device. It has been designed from ground up with this in mind, featuring facial recognition and personal user accounts the smart wheelchair enables more users to benefit from the freedom of an electrical wheelchair.

Golden Ridge’s autonomous wheelchair received a warm reception at its first public appearance at a healthcare fair in Beijing during 2017.

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