Koenigsegg Telematic App

Our target market is demanding global customers
who want the best-of-the-best
— Koenigsegg CEO and founder Christian von Koenigsegg

Swedish super car Koenigsegg now connected to the cloud

These days when building a modern super car, you need to not only make sure you offer the fastest 0-60 times or some outrageous top speed with super agressive styling. Today's supercar car needs to do all that while being connected to the cloud through an easy to use App that gives the user full control of the car. Swedish Koenigsegg with Interaktionsbyrån launched at the Geneva International Motor Show  one of the most advanced apps in this field - pioneering cloud connected supercars.

Endless possibilities

So why empower the user with all these technological gadgets? Well, today's car enthusiast isn't only concerned with pure brute power, but also, needs access a suite of sophisticated electronic goodies.  Koenigsegg users can connect to their car via web, phone or tablet to track fuel levels,   battery, service needs and much more. Baked in to all of this is also the ability to download the latest updates to ensure optimal performance.  

Going beyond expectations

But what really makes this app unique is a special set of services, that will also be featured in future other models as well, which enables owners to get direct access to track based statistics such as recent runs, average speed, top speed, lap time and g force summary. Furthermore, the ability to to adjust the height of the rear wing, the firmness of the suspension, adjust temperatures and even and open the doors and windows. Essentially, owners have all the tools to calibrate the optimal performance on the track - which ads a desired level of complexity car enthusiasts enjoy.


About the design

When designing the app we wanted to create and craft an experience that reflects Koeningsegg´s true spirit, both visually and functionally. We wanted to design a different and unique experience, and a solution that stands out in the crowd of telematics applications. A Koeningsegg car is mainly used on race tracks and our solution is designed to match this context fully.

Our main inspiration came from something as basic as an iPhone weather application. Using the metaphor of expandable tiles, races and race tracks are displayed in a way providing clear overview for the user. Tiles also provide direct access to detail information and make it possible to in a nice way incorporate big images or other visuals.
By separating the main UI from the menu section we created two layers within the app, always giving the user direct access without cluttering the design and making it overwhelming to use.

Visually we found a flat design expression suitable. A dark theme with clear contrast through the usage of bright orange make important elements in the UI stand out.

Animations emphasize the expandable tiles and the different levels in the UI.


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