Pansar Augmented Hybrid Smart Watch

Pansar Augmented is a truly unique design where modern technology and connectivity is used to enhance the physical design and form of an object. The watch is an exclusive designed time piece that express the wearers identity, but rather than having just its own story and aesthetics we use data gathering techniques to harvest data from sources online that is closely emotionally connected to our users.

The Pansaraugmented product and brand showcase how the next generation products will utilise technology to enhance product design. We believe the future of product design will include modern technology, social networks and advanced communication layers to mainly adress peoples feelings and emotions rather than further overload people with information. Quality of life have always been driven by human purpose, memories and experiences, and with technology we can access that. The watch directly connect to the users personal story.



The augmented layer

Showcasing the different data on the dial of the different editions. This information can be edited using the app on the phone.



Data sets on the watch



Pansar AR experience