Golden Ridge Autonomous Park Rover


With its lounge-like interior and personal guide infotainment system working together with the fully autonomous features the Rover is designed to provide an ultimate “mobility as a service” experience for park visitors in China. Visitors can relax and enjoy the scenery while the vehicle handles the rest.


Inspired by the modern living room, the Rover gives families and groups of people the opportunity to enjoy the serenity of the park together while being safely driven to their favourite spots autonomously.

With usage being confined to parks, this autonomous vehicle explores the frontier of full scale autonomous transportation in a complex but controlled, low-risk environment with real users.

Transportation has always been about taking people from one point to the other. However with the Rover, the journey is what takes precedence. The Rover actively recommends passengers sightseeing points as well as gives them information about the park as they ride in it.


The Rover has been designed to be a part of a complete mobility service ecosystem integrated with a mobile application and cloud service that lets visitors summon the Part Rover and pay for it directly from the app itself. Making the rover a true pioneer of the future of mobility services.

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