Volvo c30 Electric

At a time when pressure on the automobile industry is perhaps greater than ever before, there is a sparkling combination of creativity and ambition that is helping the drive towards increasingly efficient cars and the essential phasing-out of fossil fuels. Not least at Volvo. The company continues to prioritize its focus on advanced green technology.

In 2010, the big thing within the automotive industry was electricity, and how to make the user drive more eco friendly.

For shorter distances in and around cities, it is likely that dedicated battery-powered cars may be in demand. Volvo is therefore moving forward in this area too. The Volvo C30 Electric project has attracted immense international attention. Volvo Cars has received visits from many potential overseas customers, but the first confirmed user is Swedish. In June 2010, Volvo Cars and the energy company Göteborg Energi signed a letter of intent regarding cooperation in the area of electrical vehicles and recharge infrastructure. Within the terms of the agreement Volvo provides ten C30  Electric cars with delivery starting during the autumn of 2010.


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